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You know the feeling of relief, when you think to yourself I can finally relax.  That feeling is real and it's a powerful force that you can direct and use for breakthrough results in your life.


The "Power Up" principle is a repeatable process you can use to manage any change, especially the unexpected changes in life that may make you feel frustrated or even hopeless about a situation. Turn it on and turn it up at any time. 

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Teams see changes is these areas:


Friend Groups:  See how cleaning negativity in a group  turns around friend groups to support each other. Negativity and complaining impact individuals and their performance.  

Once a friend group learns these principles they will understand how to build these principles into any area of their lives in and out of school.  More than 3,000 people have watched their lives change with a few simple steps.


Personal Growth:  One person can make a difference on a team  either positive or negative.  If you are ready for a positive differentiated skill set, learn how to consistently apply the "Power Up" principles to deliver breakthrough results and leverage attraction marketing.


Business Impact:  Your or your team leaves having completed a 12 page workbook filled with their words plus a "Power UP" business plan to share with their teammates and business partners.  Once the online version launches, you can purchase this training and repeat this training as often as you like because you will own it for life! 

You will clearly understand how the "Power Up" principle drives positive outcomes and negative outcomes on your team and in your life.  And most importantly, you will understand how to change your language and change the results with four simple steps.

Outcomes you can count on

Get excited because after the first hour of this course, you will deeply understand Step 1, how to turnaround negative situations into Power UP opportunities on your team, in your business and in your life.

Curiosity will serve you during the second part.  Learn the Power UP repeatable three step process based on Law of Attraction principles.  Expect to incorporate your language during each step. Every step is connected and builds on the prior step. Can you feel the momentum?

Experience relief in knowing when you complete this process you will have a personalized workbook and business plan.  Also, assess which Power UP phase you are living in today.  If you are an online student, you can revisit the course to refresh yourself on the principles at any time.  (course coming soon)  

"Before taking Lisa's course, I didn't understand how complaining was impacting the results in my life. Lisa taught me how to observe briefly and use the reset technique. "

Megan Tugwell
Business Owner

""My life has changed... Lisa taught me a valuable lesson that it is a practice... I try to reach for the next higher level...""

Xan Hunter
Business Owner

"Mindset changes everything...we need to keep peeling back the doubt.""

Mary Sturm
Business Owner

Are you ready to Power UP and Bring Your "A" Game?

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