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Before The Pitch


What you do before the pitch matters more than the pitch itself.

There are three power-up principles you can use before the pitch.  When you apply these principles to manage change, especially the unexpected changes in life that may cause you to feel frustrated or even hopeless. You will understand how to turn it on and turn it up at any time. 

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Teams that do the work in these three areas often experience positive changes in many areas both at home and at work:



The power of deciding is the most important step you can take in powering up your mindset and the work you do before the pitch.  You'll understand the why behind this principle. 



When do you have emotions or feelings? All the time! Learn how to use the power of your emotions before the pitch to power up. 



The power of language is foundational to your success in sales and working as a team.   What you tell yourself before there is even a pitch has everything do with the pitch itself.  When a team holds each other accountable to the power of language, it's a force multiplier.

Before The Pitch Promise:

You will clearly understand what you do before the pitch drives both positive outcomes and negative outcomes across your pipeline and in your life.  And most importantly, you will understand how to create change and outcomes 

Outcomes you can count on

Get excited because you will deeply understand how to reframe negative situations before the pitch into opportunities.

Curiosity will serve you during the second part.  Learn the power up repeatable process.  Every principle is connected and builds on the prior principle. 

Experience relief in knowing when you complete this process you will have a personalized plan.  If you are an online student, you can revisit the course to refresh yourself on the principles at any time. 

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"Today more than ever, our teams need a shot in the arm, a lift, both personally and professionally. Perhaps we took attending conferences, visiting customers, team offsites, business trips - all for granted and the psychological income we all received from those social interactions. Bringing in Lisa who has relevant content, helped our team up our game. She has a fresh voice and perspective, taking them on a journey - she is highly impactful and a morale boost."

Vice President, North America Enterprise Sales

"Before taking Lisa's course, I didn't understand how complaining was impacting the results in my life. Lisa taught me how to observe briefly and use the reset technique. "

Business Owner

""My life has changed... Lisa taught me a valuable lesson that it is a practice... I try to reach for the next higher level...""

Business Owner

"Mindset changes everything...we need to keep peeling back the doubt.""

Business Owner

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